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23/05/2024 Written By: Seb #Lookbook #Furniture

Introducing a new way to approach interior design – our Twenty10 Design the Style Lookbook. Featuring 16 distinct, ready-to-purchase, pre-selected styles, it makes designing iconic interiors easier than ever. Whether you are tasked with crafting a cosy living room or a harmonious bedroom, we guarantee our lookbook will provide invaluable inspiration for all your future endeavours.

We know that inspiration is a fickle thing – sometimes it comes easily and sometimes it needs some coaxing out. That is all right, we cannot be creative all the time but that shouldn’t stop us from immersing ourselves in creativity. This is why we created this lookbook. To serve you as a trusted companion and support you in implementing your vision across the properties you furnish.

Take a look at the Daffy Sofa Look 1: A timeless combination, ideal for a large, open-plan living room. It offers everything you need for the foundation of your next design project. All you need is to order the items, find the decorations that fit your concept and get styling.

Perhaps you like the sofa and the armchair but you need a smaller dining table. Fear not, we’ve got you covered yet again with the Daffy Sofa Look 2. Swap out the Lotus dining table and chairs for an Iris table with Elder chairs and watch the space transition into something new. The options are myriad, and we can only offer you some as starting points. Let your imagination do the rest and take you on a journey of discovery with Twenty10 Designs.

We’ve curated distinct looks with each of the sofas in our collection. Browse the lookbook to see them all and get in touch with us.

When it comes to bedroom design our offerings are just as diverse and creative as our living room furniture. Amaze your clients with soft, inventive nighttime retreats that they would love coming home to. We have lovely, coordinated room styles like the Bali Bed Look which sets a slick, dark atmosphere that is ideal for a cosy bedroom. For a more adventurous design, we suggest the Poppy Bed Look 1 which mixes blue and walnut hues to inspire a calm ambience. The Hibiscus Bed Look 1 and Look 2 centre the room around a creamy, neutral headboard exuding elegance and softness into the space.

These are just some of the styles you can glean from our lookbook. We hope they will inspire you and we encourage you to create your own unique styles with furniture from Twenty10 Designs. We’d love to see what inventive design schemes you come up with. Share them with us on Instagram or at

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