Finding the Perfect Sofa!

It can sometimes be hard to find the right furniture to sell through your business, browsing through pages and pages of supplier websites, searching for the perfect pieces. We think sofas are particularly tricky to find; this is a sensual furnishing, where comfort is just as important as design. Sofas are generally expensive pieces of furniture to invest in, even when buying in bulk, so you want your choices to be just right when choosing your sofas.


This guide should help you select the right sofas for your business, let’s check it out…





If you are looking to order in a versatile sofa that rates highly in popularity and in comfort, then the Louie Sofa might be the perfect pick. This sofa is a favourite among our customers due to the classic grey fabric appearance, fabric sofas are usually more popular because of their comfort and longevity. This sofa is particularly trendy right now, as we move into an age of natural living and bringing outdoor features inside. The Louie Sofa has tapered wooden legs, which pairs nicely with the grey fabric, bringing a natural, calming atmosphere into a space.


The best way to utilise the Louie Sofa is by pairing it with hints of colour, we recommend navy blue, green or blush pink with the Louie Sofa but the monochrome fabric allows flexibility with most colours. The Betty Chair in midnight blue velvet or green velvet complements the Louie Sofa well as a second seat when choosing the 2-seater variation of the Louie Sofa, which comes in two sizes: 2-seater and 3-seater. In addition, the two back cushions have removable covers, which offers an element of practicality and durability as they can be cleaned at the dry cleaners.


How do we rate the Louie Sofa?


Comfort – 5/5

Cost-Effective – 4/5

Opulence – 3/5

Practicality – 4/5

Design – 4/5





The Daffy Sofa is extremely versatile, as it comes in two sizes (2-seat and 2.5-seat) and two fabrics (velvet and linen). Linen sofas have rich textures and are incredibly comfortable and velvet sofas are chic and super luxurious. If you’re looking to invest into something more durable, we would recommend the linen over the velvet, but if you’re looking for something with more opulence and a material which allows lint or pet hairs to be wiped away easily then we think the velvet fabric is the better choice.


The Daffy Sofa in both sizes and fabrics comes with tapered, cylindrical black legs which contrasts nicely with the grey coloured fabric. Both the linen and the velvet version of this sofa have removal cushion covers and can be cleaned at the dry cleaners, a practical bonus to this trendy sofa. If you’re looking to invest into other furniture pieces to pair with the Daffy Sofa, then the Peony Lamp Table in wenge is the obvious choice, as the black legs are tapered, mimicking the design of the Daffy Sofa.


How do we rate the Daffy Sofa?


Comfort – 4/5

Cost-Effective – 3/5

Opulence – 4/5

Practicality – 4/5

Design – 5/5





The Mickey Sofa is absolute opulence. It is upholstered in soft-to-touch velvet fabric and fits in perfectly in any luxury apartment. This sofa is on the pricier side, but you pay for what you get, as the Mickey Sofa is a staple piece and extremely luxurious; perfect for making a space stand out. The Mickey Sofa is ideal for you to invest in if you work with clients who have high-end spaces or if you work with interior designers.


This sofa is available in three colours: (all in the velvet fabric) midnight blue, emerald green and stone grey. The walnut legs complement each one of these colours perfectly and add a natural twist into a space. There are 6 cushions which come with the Mickey Sofa: the back cushions, seat cushions and side cushions, all of which have removable covers and can be taken to the drycleaners to be cleaned; adding durability, practicality, and further comfort to this classy sofa.


How do we rate the Mickey Sofa?


Comfort – 5/5

Cost-Effective – 3/5

Opulence – 5/5

Practicality – 5/5

Design – 5/5


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