Our New Occasional Armchairs

13/06/2023 Written By: Seb #Armchairs #Furniture

We are proud to present our new collection of Occasional Armchairs! With their creative designs, unparalleled comfort and neutral colours they offer a unique finishing touch to a variety of living room decors.

All the armchairs are upholstered in boucle fabric which is soft and luxurious. They will bring a touch of class to the space and serve as focal points to draw attention and wow your customers.

Boucle is a fabric that is very much on the rise, it imparts a level of comfort in a room. Nowhere is this more noticeable than when looking at the Monica Armchair. With its inspired curves and soft cushions it is exceptional at creating an inviting atmosphere in any living space you bring it to.


The Rachel Armchair, on the other hand, makes a space feel more lively. In the era of open-plan living rooms occasional chairs such as this one can make a big difference when curating the ambience of a flat. With its jazzy curves and soft hue the Rachel Armchair would make for a great statement piece in a large space.

The Ross Armchair is ideal for creating a feeling of sophistication. Its blocky, pronounced armrests combine gracefully with the rectangular shapes of its seat and backrest. In an era of minimalism, the Ross occasional chair still manages to stand out.


Joey, in contrast, is rather playful. This armchair flaunts its round design. It has a removable back cushion that curves with a person’s lower back and provides comfort. Even with that, Joey is better as an accent chair, providing a bit of levity to a modern living room.

The two words that describe the Chandler Armchair best are steady and sustainable. It has a wooden frame made from black ash, which is known for its durability. It is popular to use wood in furniture design because when it is responsibly sourced it ranks amongst the most eco-friendly materials. It serves as a great carbon capture method and gives the armchair a sense of natural elegance.


The Phoebe Armchair embodies the retro aesthetic while putting a modern spin on it. Vintage furniture is trendy these days, but it is difficult to come by, because of its age. This armchair bridges the gap between past and present. It is ideal for adding a touch of 70s nostalgia to any property you’re decorating.

Whether you are designing a minimalist, Nordic apartment, a groovy art deco flat, or an easy-going bohemian house, we are sure you will find at least one or two chairs in our collection to your liking. If you would like to learn more and compare the armchairs to each other you can find them all HERE.

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