Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

10/08/2022 Written By: Billie #Interior Design #Trends

Most people would assume that when you are looking to furnish a smaller space, you should use smaller pieces to create the illusion of a larger space. Whilst this is true and does work, you shouldn’t be afraid to use larger furniture in a condensed space, otherwise your property could start to feel like a dollhouse. It can be a challenge to fit larger pieces into a small space, but with the right planning and bit of thought it can be done quite easily.


The first thing you need to know before committing to larger pieces of furniture in small spaces, is your measurements and your scale. What do you need to measure? Use a tape measure to measure the exact size of the space you have; these figures will offer realistic expectations when shopping for furniture. Once you have the measurements of your space, you can browse for furniture pieces you have seen that take your fancy. At Twenty10 Design, we provide all the measurements for our furniture, so you can use a tape measure in your space to get a feel for the scale of things in your space. It is important to remember that you will need space to move around, so bare this in mind when choosing furniture.


Although measuring is very important, you should also trust your eyes by visually comparing furniture to the space around it. You should also take other aspects into consideration, such as the height of a room or the amount of light that flows into the space. It’s important to remain realistic when choosing larger furniture for smaller spaces, as having low light or low ceilings can make a larger object appear enormous when placed in a small room.



Be Creative with Storage


Maximising your smaller space with excellent storage is an absolute essential. A very easy way to do this would be to utilise an ottoman bed, with this logic, the bigger the better. Of course, you still need to be clever with the space surrounding the bed, so the room doesn’t feel cramped. You can always put a stool at the end of your bed if you want to add a multifunctional furnishing to your space. The Ben Round Stool is the perfect stool to use for comfort and to keep a tray on top to store your remotes or even keep some snacks



Tips and Tricks


There are a couple of easy and simple ways you can design a small space with large objects. You can simply add a large mirror to a room, this will create the illusion of a much larger space as more light is reflected into the room. If you add furnishings which have space underneath them, like the Willow Lamp Table, this small detail can make a huge impact. It is important to remember to consider your placements of every furnishing in a space. For example, if you want a bigger bed in a narrow bedroom, choose a padded headboard, like the Poppy Headboard, so you don’t need to clutter your room with pillows.



Smaller Versions of Large Furniture


If you’re feeling limited by the scale of your space and the measurements are particularly small, then you should consider picking out smaller versions of the large furniture that you like. At Twenty10 Design we offer 3-seat and 2-seat versions of the all the sofas that we offer. You need to think about whether you would rather have a proportional, visually pleasing space or if you want to use larger scaled objects at the risk of it looking too big for the space.

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