Christmas Home Trends 2022

It's that time of the year again, and we couldn't be more excited! We love decorating for Christmas, it ignites the sprit of Christmas into our homes and properties. Let's take a look at the most popular Christmas styles this year...



Red and Gold


Red and Gold are two of the most trending colours this Christmas; offering a classic Christmas aesthetic into any space. The vivid shade of red contrasts beautifully against a deep green Christmas tree, and the gold brings elegance and magic into the room, a combination which really warms the heart. Red and gold can be easily matched to suit any aesthetic; a colour palette which just seems to work during the festive period. If you're looking for that timeless, nostalgic Christmas aesthetic, then these are probably the best colours to use. Also, since this is a classic Christmas style, it will always be trending, so you can re-use your decorations and items every year.


Dark shades of wood are the perfect furniture pieces to pair with the red and gold aesthetic. The 'Peony TV Unit' in walnut is the perfect example, imagine the rich green garland with bright red bows and shiny gold ornaments on-top this stunning piece, it would be a Christmas to remember.



Boho Christmas


The Bohemian Christmas trend is all about using sustainable materials and a natural colour palette. This is a particularly popular Christmas trend this year because boho, Scandinavian styles are already an everyday trendy aesthetic. You should use paper baubles, wooden ornaments and shades of cream and beige; always finish off your Christmas tree warm warm white lights when decorating a Boho Christmas space.


When you decorate any space, you need a solid foundation. The 'Willow Sideboard' is the perfect unit to add Boho Decorations on-top, think pinecones, dried flowers and natural candles. This mid-century designed piece always seems to blend in beautifully with Scandinavian design.



Blue and White


If you want to transform your space into a magical ice kingdom then the blue and white Christmas aesthetic is for you. This might be the most elegant Christmas look, especially when paired with the Chinoiserie aesthetic; a style which consists of the floral patterns found most commonly on Chinese ceramics. This is very popular this year, you just need to right furniture to pair with this sophisicated Christmas style.


The 'Orchid Narrow Chest' in white, is the perfect canvas for this stunning Christmas style. You can add china plates with white Christmas baubles, icy white Christmas lights or even hang grand white and blue lanterns above to create a sense of an extended height in the room. 

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