Light or Dark?

Light versus Dark! The classic battle that defines the Star Wars movies. It is not only contained to that particular story, however. It is a struggle which interior designers often go through as well. What shade of furniture would fit this room the best? Do I go with light or dark? To help you out we wrote down some ideas for the next time you’re looking at an empty room and wondering how to furnish it.



Why choose Light Furniture?


Light furniture is usually more effective at giving the room a modern look when designing the interior for a small space. It is better at reflecting sunlight and bouncing it around a room, creating the illusion of volume. It also gives the place a cleaner look and is easy to maintain.


It is also a good idea to use light furniture for a room with fewer windows to stop any sunlight that gets in from being absorbed by darker hues.


To give an example, if you are furnishing a small bedroom, we would suggest our Orchid Wardrobe. It would give you lots of storage while keeping the room bright and open.


Why choose Dark Furniture?


Darker furniture gives the room a classical and elegant look. It can serve as a focal point and bring character to any space. We usually prefer to use this kind of furniture for larger spaces. It boxes in the room and gives it a friendlier, homely feel.


Dark furniture is especially effective when furnishing an otherwise brightly coloured room. Positioning a dark TV unit against a white wall, for example, would give the furniture the impression that it is larger than it is. You can complete the scene by pairing it with our Iris Coffee Table and bring a natural look to the space.


Everybody has a style. That is why we make sure we cater to a wide variety of styles. Our current Spring Sale is the perfect example. Whether you prefer lighter or darker furniture, we have something for everyone. Take a look and see:


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